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We specialize in IP, IT & Data Protection Law to:

 protect intellectual property assets, including: European trademark registrations; Community design registrations; Unitary patent protection of inventions; Trade secret protection
 draft, revise and negotiate contracts in the field of copyright creation and protection; licensing, franchise, R&D collaborations, non-disclosure agreements; transfers of intellectual property assets
 litigate intellectual property disputes

Zipit Law Office specializes in protection of Intellectual Property assets for businesses incorporated outside of the EU, willing to access the EU market. 

We specialize in Corporate and M&A Law to:

 structure mergers and acquisitions for strategic growth
 draft, review, and negotiate merger and acquisition agreements
 advise on corporate restructuring and reorganization
 resolve corporate disputes through mediation and litigation
 provide corporate governance regulations compliance
 facilitate due diligence and risk assessments for M&A transactions
 navigate corporate compliance and regulatory matters
 manage the legal aspects of corporate mergers

We specialize in Commercial and International Trade Law to:

 structure international trade agreements and transactions
 draft and negotiate international trade contracts
 resolve international trade disputes through arbitration and litigation
 advise on import and export regulations and compliance
 facilitate cross-border business negotiations
 provide guidance on trade policy analysis and strategy
 navigate trade restrictions and tariff matters
 advise on customs regulations and international trade laws
 manage the legal aspects of international trade financing
 ensure compliance with international trade treaties and agreements

We specialize in Construction and Real Estate Law to:

 structure real estate transactions for optimal outcomes
 draft, review, and negotiate construction contracts
 resolve real estate disputes through mediation and litigation
 facilitate property development and investment strategies
 ensure compliance with environmental regulations
 navigate property acquisition and sale transactions
 provide legal guidance on real estate investment opportunities
 manage the legal aspects of commercial and residential site construction

We specialize in Media and Entertainment Law to: 

 negotiate contracts for artists, performers, producers, content creators
 resolve disputes related to the production cycle
 structure media and entertainment transactions for optimal outcomes
 draft, review, and negotiate agreements in the field of movie and music production
 structuring deals in the movie, music and entertainment industry
 litigate disputes in the field of media and entertainment
 provide guidance on licensing and distribution agreements
advise on media rights, digital media, and content development
 navigate content production and distribution legal consequences
 ensure compliance with entertainment industry regulations
 manage legal aspects of media and entertainment ventures

We specialize in Employment Law to:

 draft, revise, negotiate and advise on employment agreements and terminations
 resolve workplace disputes through mediation and litigation
 provide consulting in the field of employment compliance
ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations
 draft, review, and implement employee internal rules and policies
 advise on employee benefits, compensation, and pension plans
 navigate immigration issues for international employees
 manage legal aspects of workforce restructurings and redundancies
 offer legal counsel on health and safety regulations

Zipit Law Office puts a strong emphasis on the interrelation between Intellectual Property Protection and Employment Law.

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