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It started like this

We, Zori and Tedi, crossed our paths at a prestigious corporate law firm back in 2015 and immediately recognised our shared passion for fostering creativity, innovation, and facilitating the growth of start-up companies. Our determination to create a law firm that stands apart from the traditional, rigid, and bureaucratic norms of the industry culminated in the establishment of Zipit Law Office in April 2018.

Our vision has always been to shatter the conventional legal framework and cultivate an inspiring work environment that motivates our team to serve clients with unwavering dedication. Throughout the years, Zipit has emerged as a prominent provider of legal services, tailored to the needs of both startup and already established enterprises, characterized by their emphasis on forward-thinking solutions and innovation.

Our hallmark is personalized attention and an approachable, friendly service that distinguishes us in the legal field.


We are committed...

…to being a trusted partner for startups and established businesses in the fields of innovation, technology, construction, e-commerce, green energy, FMCG, fashion, culture, marketing and the entire entertainment industry, offering legal support and strategic advice to help them achieve their goals.

We aim to be the right hand...

…of our clients from the outset of their business journey, walking with them every step of the way and providing tailored solutions that align with their unique needs.

We bring creativity, passion...

…and a deep understanding of each client’s business, as well as availability, agility and international mindset to the table, offering proactive counsel and forward-thinking solutions that help them stay ahead of the curve.

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our vision

To bring the law closer to the business

We strive to be the ultimate partner, providing practical world-class legal solutions, presented in an understandable language, that sets high industry standards and adds value.


To create a free, passionate, and meritocratic environment

We provide a place where exceptional lawyers and professionals work side-by-side to drive creativity, collaboration, innovation, and technological progress.

To exceed expectations with every delivery

We continuously reshape our services to be quicker, simpler, more efficient, and more robust, embracing investment in people, processes, innovation and technology to make the legal process tailored to the clients’ expectations.

How we do it?


Our team embraces an agile approach to maximize efficiency and adaptability in our work.

Legal Design Thinking

We incorporate legal design thinking to innovate and enhance the user experience in legal solutions.